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I grew up in Linz, Upper Austria. After graduating highschool in 2005 I went to Barcelona to attend an educational program for illustration, comic and design at Escola Joso. I spent almost five years in Barcelona where I gained a profound knowledge of drawing and professional storytelling and illustration.
In 2011 after four years of drawing, chewing up pencils and learning a great deal from many talented artists working mainly in the European and American industry for comic, graphic novels, video games and professional illustration I returned to Austria.
In Graz I gained experience as a graphic designer at I-Punkt Werbeagentur. In 2013 started working as a freelance artist in the field of graphic design, illustration,  and commercial art.

I also work part time at fum Film und Medien Akademie - a cultural association - where I'm in charge of graphic design, marketing and teaching photography for teenagers.

Artistic Education and Work
1997 – 2005    Khevenhüller Gymnasium, Linz
2005 – 2006   Aupair Barcelona
2006 – 2007   Linz Kunstuni
2007 – 2011     Escola Joso, Art Program: Art Gràfic in Barcelona
2012 – 2013     I-Punkt Werbeagentur Graz, Grafic Designer
since    2013     fum Film und Medien Akademie Graz
since     2013    Artist working freelance in the areas of Illustration, Comic Art, Storytelling and Design
since     2015    member of artist collective Atelier X in Graz
since     2015    cofounder and comic-artist of Blickwinkel - Comics schaffen Mut zur Perspektive


05/2017                          invitation and exhibition to the Comicfestival RESPECT in Bukarest
04/2017                           Animated Screening of the Comic Bewegte Tasten with the pianist Aeham Ahmad  
                                        during the event Arts, Rights and Justice
04/2017                           Exhibition Brunnenpassage KunstSozialRaum, Wien
03/2017                           Exhibition at Raumschiff during the NEXT Comicfestivals in Linz
10/2016                            Exhibition Transition - installative Comicarbeit Nahaufnahmen
                                         curated by Culture Unlimted
02/2016                           exhibition Culture Unlimted - X-Freunde with Atelier X and Kunstverein Roter Keil
08/2010 - 05/2011           Publishing, coordinating and concept of Comic Fanzine la Cuerda
                                         presentation Salón de Cómic Barcelona
10/2010                            exhibition Feria de Barcelona Sants - Escola Joso - Escola de Artes Visuales


Just have a look around at my site and my facebook page. If you are interested please send me an email: